One More Nail

One More Nail, first published by Brolga Books in 1978, is part biography and part family history, conjoined with some of Bert’s reflections on his life as a politician, the nature of politics in Australia and the internal machinations of the Liberal Party. As might be expected, a good deal of it is directed at the evils of tariffs and trade protection. A selection of chapters appears below. Our sincere thanks to Benjamin Marks ( for converting Bert’s hard copy publications into electronic form.


Chapter 1: “Writing on the Wall

Chapter 2: “Family History

Chapter 3: “Pre-Parliament Life

Chapter 4: “Into Parliament

Chapter 5: “The Northern Territory

Chapter 6: “To UK, Nepal and Ceylon”

Chapter 7: “Tariffs Introduced

Chapter 8: “More About Tariffs

Chapter 9: “Tripping Around (India)”

Chapter 10: “Works and Navy”

Chapter 11: “Journalism

Chapter 12: “Public Works Committee

Chapter 13: “Rural Problems

Chapter 14: “Tariffs Again”

Chapter 15: “Tariffs and Foreign Relations”

Chapter 16: “Some Sacred Cows

Chapter 17: “Experiences in the Electorate”

Chapter 18: “Experiences in Parliament

Chapter 19: “Relationships with the Liberal Party

Chapter 20: “The Final Flutter”

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