Book Launch – ‘Give Us Back Our Country’, 13 August 2013:

There are few problems today which have not been either caused or made worse by the politicians. The sad fact is that the institutions of our representative democracy – one of the world’s oldest – have been compromised. This can be directly attributed to the power-brokers in the major political parties who are in an unholy alliance with the elites. So much of what they do today just does not pass the “pub test”.

This new book argues that the only solution is to make the politicians truly accountable – not just every three or four years in blank cheque elections – but on every day, of every week, of every month and of every year.

Written by David Flint and Jai Martinkovits (pictured above right), who also spoke at the Launch about the book’s contents, Give Us Back Our Country was successfully launched before an enthusiastic audience by Senator Cory Bernardi at the Bert Kelly Research Centre on 13 August.

Book Launch – ‘Taxing Air: Facts and Fallacies About Climate Change’, 29 July 2013:

For the last 20 years, the received scientific wisdom about global warming has been provided to governments by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This book is dedicated to the army of independent persons and bloggers who – by questioning every precept, analyzing every extravagant claim and insisting on the importance of empirical evidence – have helped to keep the IPCC honest and the spirit of true scientific enquiry alive.

Written by Bob Carter and John Spooner, Taxing Air was successfully launched by Senator Cory Bernardi (below right) at the Bert Kelly Research Centre on 29 July. Speakers at the launch included Lydia Bevege (Institute of Public Affairs), Centre Chairman Bob Day and author Prof. Bob Carter (below left).


Book Launch – ‘Politics and Universal Ethics’, 18 June 2013:

Leesa Vlahos (Labor) Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier of SA; Stephen Wade (Liberal) Shadow Attorney General and Dennis Hood Parliamentary Leader (Family First) officiated at the Adelaide launch of Shimon Cowen’s book Politics and Universal Ethics. Ms Vlahos, Mr Wade and Mr Hood spoke passionately about the importance of values and ethics in the formation of public policy. Rabbi Dr Cowen (above, centre, with BKRC Chairman Bob Day and Rabbi Yossi Engel) gave an uplifting address on what motivated him to write on this important subject. Published by Connor Court the book is available from the Bert Kelly Research Centre.


Book Launch – ‘Liberating Aboriginal People from Violence’, 8 May 2013:

Former Attorney General the Hon Michael Atkinson, Labor MP for the SA State seat of Croydon, launched Dr Stephanie Jarrett’s book Liberating Aboriginal People from Violence. Among those in attendance were Tony Piccolo (Labor), Minister for Communities and Social Inclusion (below left) and Party Leaders Steven Marshall (Liberal) and Dennis Hood (Family First). Published by Connor Court, the book is an important contribution to this essential debate.



Strategies for Stress: Make Better Choices – 23 April 2013:


Dr Janette Warwick launched the Make Better Choices SePAL program. Designed to assist key decision makers to ‘Make Better Choices’, Dr Warwick’s extensive research provided valuable insights into decision-making combining the power of emotions and logic. Other speakers included health practitioner Jo Gray, Christian Business & Marketplace Connections director Geoff Kempster and Home Australia managing director Bob Day.

Book Launch – ‘The Modest Member’, Melbourne, 25 October 2012:

IPA Executive Director John Roskam directed a successful launch of ‘The Modest Member’ in Melbourne. Bert’s grandson, former Collingwood footballer Craig Kelly, gave some touching personal insights and memories of his grandfather and prominent member of parliament’s Society of Modest Members Senator Scott Ryan spoke powerfully of the need for good public policy in the style of Bert Kelly

Book Launch – Maybe ‘I do’, 24 October 2012:

Demographers at Monash University were some of the first in the western world to observe a growing gap between the educated, employed, well-off and married; and those who are less educated, in marginal or no employment, and are un-partnered. It is a trend that has since been recognised in the US, the UK and elsewhere. Federal MP Kevin Andrew’s book Maybe ‘I do’: Modern Marriage & the Pursuit of Happiness draws on this research to argue the social and economic benefits of marriage.





Book Launch – ‘The Modest Member’ 16 October, 2012:

The long-awaited biography of Bert Kelly has arrived! Some of Bert’s old friends and former parliamentary colleagues gathered to mark the occasion. Bert’s long-time friend Ray Evans gave the main address and former Senator Nick Minchin, former Speaker of the House of Representatives Neil Andrew and one of Bert’s former colleagues and strong supporters the former Member for Barker Jim Forbes all participated to make this a thoroughly enjoyable event.




Alex Schadenberg, 26 June 2012, 12:30pm

Canadian and international anti-euthanasia activist Alex Schadenberg visited Australia in late June and addressed a gathering at The Bert Kelly Research Centre. Alex’s success provided the model adopted by HOPE Australia. The event was a fundraiser for Alex’s Australian affiliate HOPE: Preventing Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide Inc.


James Delingpole, 23 April 2012, 12:30pm:
The launch of James Delingpole’s latest book: Destroying the Earth to save it: How environmentalists are ruining the planet, undermining your job and stealing your kids’ future.





Book Launch, 11 April 2012:
The Adelaide launch of Prof Jeff Bennett’s book Little Green Lies by former Senator Hon Nick Minchin.





Mark Steyn, 6 March 2012:
International commentator and author Mark Steyn addressed a full house as part of his Australian tour sponsored by the Institute of Public Affairs. His powerful address on Freedom of Speech was followed by a warm and convivial time of book signing and discussion.


Daniel Hannan, 23 February 2012:
British Member of the European Parliament Daniel Hannan addressed the Conservative Leadership Foundation. Daniel spoke warmly of the close ties between Australia and Great Britain and the not-so close ties between members of Euro Zone!



Booklaunch, 14 December 2011:
The Adelaide launch of Ian Plimer’s latest book How to get expelled from school – a guide to climate change for pupils, parents and punters jointly sponsored by the the Bert Kelly Research Centre, the Institute of Public Affairs and the National Civic Council.








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