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The much-anticipated biography of Bert Kelly by Dr Hal Colebatch tells the story of how Bert Kelly succeeded in changing opinion on an issue which had been described as an Australian “faith and a dogma” ….  protectionism. No other Australian parliamentarian, through sheer tenacity and indifference to preferment, achieved so much.

The Modest Member: The Life and Times of Bert Kelly by Hal Colebatch is now available for purchase through The Bert Kelly Research Centre. Cost: $29.95 (including GST). Free postage within Australia.

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To read Ray Evans’ launching speech, click here.

Other Publications

Bert Kelly, End compulsory voting. [Originally published in The Bulletin, 12 February 1985.]

Bill Kelly, The History of the Black Ban applied to Farmers on Kangaroo Island 1972. [Originally published in Proceedings of the HR Nicholls Society, September 1991.]

Ray Evans, John Hyde, Paul Kelly, David Kemp, Gough Whitlam, A Tribute to The Modest Member. [Originally published by the Centre for Independent Studies, June 1997.]

Winston Churchill, Speech to the Free Trade League. [Free Trade Hall, Manchester, 19 February 1904.]

David Leyonhjelm, Give the people work and a fair go. [Originally published in AFR , 12 December 2013.]

Bob Day, Building Walls. [The Spectator, 11 March 2017.]

Bob Day, Free Trade Agreement with Israel, [Hansard, 25 November 2015.]

Bob Day, Collision Course. [The Advertiser, 15 October 2014.]

Bob Day, The slayer of protectionism. [Originally published in The Spectator, 3 November 2012.]

Bob Day, State of the Unions. [Originally published in The Spectator, 21 July 2012.]











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