A Modest Farmer

After he left Federal Parliament, Bert continued his writings—first in The Australian Financial Review, then The Bulletin and later in The Australian (with a few regional publications along the way). His final “Modest” column was published in May 1987. Our sincere thanks to Benjamin Marks (www.economics.org.au) for converting Bert’s hard copy publications into electronic form.

1.My pearls of wisdom were dull beyond belief, AFR, 23 December 1977.

2.Should facts stand in the way of a good story?, AFR, 20 January 1978.

3.Trade wars can easily end up on a battlefield, AFR, 3 February 1978.

4.Farmers cowed by tariffs fallout, AFR, 10 February 1978.

5.Show us how we can twist our MP’s ear …, AFR, 17 February 1978.

6.How to impress your MP – ambush him, AFR, 24 February 1978.

7.Don’t feel sorry for him – hang on to his ear, AFR, 10 March 1978.

8.How a well meaning Government can be so stupid, AFR, 17 March 1978.

9.When I buy cattle, why does Fred start to sell?, AFR, 31 March 1978.

10.How a chance to boost our exports goes up in smoke, AFR, 21 April 1978.

11.The sacred education cow has had her day, AFR, 28 April 1978.

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