A Modest Member

A selected listing of Bert’s articles from the Australian Financial Review published between 1969 and 1977 when Bert was the Federal member for the electorate of Wakefield. After he lost Liberal Party pre-selection in 1977, Bert continued to write as ‘A Modest Farmer’. Our sincere thanks to Benjamin Marks (www.economics.org.au) for converting Bert’s hard copy publications into electronic form.

1.That economist may be right, but …, AFR, 28 November 1969.

2.That economist, Mr Eccles, is at it again, AFR, 5 December 1969.

3.Where did the orderly markets go?, AFR, 12 December 1969.

4.Oh I’m popular, but am I right?, AFR, 19 December 1969.

5.Down at the silos — wheat quotas for sale?, AFR, 2 January 1970.

6.Why the wheat industry leaders are no pin-up boys, AFR, 9 January 1970.

7.There’s no satisfying Farmer Fred, AFR, 20 February 1970.

8.Counting the cost of wool compensation, AFR, 27 February 1970.

9.Eccles keep his cool with $100m cheque, AFR, 6 March 1970.

10.Economists are queer about money, AFR, 13 March 1970.

11.Do we want our money to fly?, AFR, 12 June 1970.

12.Can a bear be sure of a feed, AFR, 10 July 1970.

13.Compulsory voting — new lesson in letting sacred cows (like sleeping dogs) lie?, AFR, 11 September 1970.

14.Should we continue to educate the unwilling?, AFR, 9 October 1970.

15.Can we judge students by the amount of hair on their heads?, AFR, 13 November 1970.

16.Is it time to get aboard the tariff band-waggon?, AFR, 27 November 1970.

17.Why farmers resent tariff protection for motor makers, AFR, 4 December 1970.

18.Eccles Law of the constant wage share, AFR, 22 January 1971.

19.How to end that national sport of tax avoidance, AFR, 23 April 1971.

20.Death duty the death of us all, AFR, 30 April 1971.

21 “Once more unto the (tax) breach”, AFR, 7 May 1971.

22 “Will help for farmers get votes?, AFR, 14 May 1971.

23 “Giving the States cash — and power, AFR, 16 July 1971.

24 “Is the Budget a cargo cult?, AFR, 13 August 1971.

25 “Will we end up subsidising one another?, AFR, 20 August 1971.

26 “Would Fred fleece the wool subsidy?, AFR, 3 September 1971.

27 “The $2,000 song of the shirt worker”, AFR, 24 September 1971.

28 “Tie me kangaroo down, sport?, AFR, 17 December 1971.

29 “No pity for the poor graduates, AFR, 14 January 1972.

30 “Why carry a $300m car subsidy?”, AFR, 10 March 1972.

31 “The fruit of specialist sideboards, AFR, 30 March 1972.

32 “The Government’s helping hand often hurts, AFR, 21 April 1972.

33 “We’ve a duty to knock down the tariff wall, AFR, 2 June 1972.

34 “Tariff feather beds for the foreign giants, AFR, 16 June 1972.

35 “So why not learn now, pay later?, AFR, 21 July 1972.

36 “Don’t arrive late at my State funeral, AFR, 29 September 1972.

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