A Modest Member

A selected listing of Bert’s articles from the Australian Financial Review published between 1969 and 1977 when Bert was the Federal member for the electorate of Wakefield. After he lost Liberal Party pre-selection in 1977, Bert continued to write as ‘A Modest Farmer’. Our sincere thanks to Benjamin Marks (www.economics.org.au) for converting Bert’s hard copy publications into electronic form.

1.That economist may be right, but …, AFR, 28 November 1969.

2.That economist, Mr Eccles, is at it again, AFR, 5 December 1969.

3.Where did the orderly markets go?, AFR, 12 December 1969.

4.Oh I’m popular, but am I right?, AFR, 19 December 1969.

5.Down at the silos — wheat quotas for sale?, AFR, 2 January 1970.

6.Why the wheat industry leaders are no pin-up boys, AFR, 9 January 1970.

7.There’s no satisfying Farmer Fred, AFR, 20 February 1970.

8.Counting the cost of wool compensation, AFR, 27 February 1970.

9.Eccles keep his cool with $100m cheque, AFR, 6 March 1970.

10.Economists are queer about money, AFR, 13 March 1970.

11.Do we want our money to fly?, AFR, 12 June 1970.

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