An important part of the Centre is the Ray Evans Library. Ray Evans, one of Australia’s great defenders of freedom, was a long-time friend and supporter of Bert Kelly. At Bert’s funeral, held at the Wesley Uniting Church (just metres from the Bert Kelly Research Centre), Ray delivered what is considered by many to be one of the great eulogies in public life. Read it here. Ray was one of the custodians of the Bert Kelly legacy and served on the Board of the Centre until his death in June 2014. The Ray Evans Library houses many of the valuable records of Bert’s life and work, including Bert’s many papers, speeches and columns. An annual Ray Evans Oration, staged in the library, is planned.

Canberra’s role needs rethinking
(Ray Evans’ last published article, Australian Financial Review, 20 June 2014)

Ray Evans’s Career as an Advocate
(A Eulogy delivered by Bob Day, 27 June 2014)


Click here for a link to some of Bert’s writings.








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